Rocket Catfish Polyball Livebait Rig (2 x 20mm Polyballs)

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These rigs are tied on 45lb 'Kryston Quicksilver', which is a tried and tested first class 'Kevlar' material and so excellent for making catfish rigs. The rigs utilise a size 2 'Sakuma' round eye swivel and the hooks are the classic catfish pattern, the barbed 'Sakuma' 8832. The rig features 2 x 20mm polyballs secured up by the hook with an oval bead and silicone stop. This keeps your bait, perhaps a small fish or bunch of lob worms, popped up off the bottom. We recommend using a run ring and 8mm rubber bead with this rig (supplied) as the reduced resistance they enable helps the polyballs to float up through the water to where you require them to be. These rigs are available in the following sizes:-

1/0, 1, 2 & 4 Barbed.

Please note, this rig comes supplied with a run ring and 8mm rubber bead.

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02-005Size 1/0, 1, 2, 4 Barbed to 45lb Braid£1.991