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The Two Rod Technique

Two Rod Casting Technique is a clever way of presenting a live bait at range without having to cast it. As the name suggests you need two rods in order to do this, that said it doesn't necessarily require two people, though its certainly easier if you've got someone to help you.  This is how it works:- At the business end thread a run ring and bead on to your line and then tie on a swivel.   Attach a weight with good gripping qualities, such as one of our trilogies in 3 or even 4oz on to the run ring.  Then, instead of just tying on your hooklength as normal, tie on the line from a second rod instead.

The idea now is that you cast the lead to where you want to fish and as it flies through the air it takes line off the open spool of the second rod with it.  This is where having a second person available to help you with this task certainly makes life a lot easier, that said, I've done this successfully many times on my own.  If you are on your own you just need a good ‘V’ front rod rest with a slit in it for the line to run through.  I'd put the butt of the rod on the ground so the rod is pointing at about 45 degrees skyward in the direction in which your about to cast the other rod.  Don’t forget to open your bail arm of the rod sat in the rest.

Once you’ve cast leave your bail arm open as you now wind in the swivel on the second rod, peeling line off the first rod as you do so.  This is where it can go wrong if you’ve not used a lead that’s heavy or grippy enough.  You’ll soon know, because as you start winding the swivel in you want to see the line coming off the spool of the first rod, not the lead coming back towards you.  The aim here is to have the swivel wound in and for the lead to still be where you cast it.  If this happens the roll of the second rod is now over, if it dosent you may need to start the process again, unless you're happy that the lead is still in the general area you want to fish.

Assuming all goes to plan, you now should have your original rod on a rest or with  someone holding it and the swivel in your hand.  Cut the line off the swivel to the second rod and replace it with your hooklength and bait.  Now all you do is drop your bait in the margins and wind it back out to your lead.  This is much easier if your using a polyball to keep it up on the surface, as it helps to keep it out of any weed that may be present.

That in essence is it, it's a bit fiddly but is certainly worth going to the trouble.

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